About Us

Welcome to the AllInsurance CR website. My name is Phil Eitman and you most likely have been referred to this website by one of my clients or many referring entities.

Insurance is not to be taken lightly in fact I take it personally. I believe the most important question that should be asked is when you have a problem, “who you going to call?” True, you can and will call the 800#s that come with your policy, but my staff and I will jump into action like your closest family member working at that highest level of your insurance company.

To me the concept of business is to do your research, work hard, be straight with people and provide the service they expect and nothing less. Choosing your insurance is a financial decision, one with catastrophic ramifications if not taken seriously. This is why I have recently became a broker for companies with the best customer service. As I stated earlier, “who you going to call?’” is the most important question.

Customer service and thus referrals are the cornerstone of a successful business. This is why it has been instilled in the mindset of my staff to be above all the rest. My clients, both personal and commercial organizations throughout the community will attest to this. When the time comes, and a client thinks “who should I call?” they already know.

I look forward to discussing your insurance needs. Please contact me 24/7 and I do respond!

– Phil